“What You Need to Know Before You Go” is a panel discussion and Q&A with local funeral directors. Get your questions answered at this Before I Die ABQ Festival event without having to actually go to a funeral home.

Got questions about funeral planning or cremation, but uncomfortable going to a funeral home before you “have to”? Attend this panel discussion with local funeral directors fielding your queries on everything related to undertaking. This class kicks off the inaugural “Before I Die” Albuquerque festival, six days of activities providing space and opportunities to openly discuss end-of-life issues, plan ahead and take actions to address our mortality.

Moderator: Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist, A Good Goodbye

Funeral Directors:

Event Location: Oasis Albuquerque, 3301 Menaul NE, Suite 18. Free with registration through the Albuquerque Oasis website.

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The Before I Die ABQ festival offers multiple upbeat activities for people to openly think about, talk about and do something about our mortality. More than 20 free and low-cost events to be held at numerous locations around Albuquerque include:

  • “Prelude to Eternity” dinner party in the Pavilion at Sunset Memorial Park;
  • A panel of local funeral directors on “What You Need to Know Before You Go;”
  • Yoga class “From Child Pose to Corpse Pose: Life, Death, Yoga and Spirituality;”
  • A tour of historic Fairview cemetery (established 1881), and the Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI);
  • “Answering Your Burning Questions About Cremation” information session;
  • Panel discussions on “Making Plans to Live Well Until We Die” on medical care and end-of-life issues;
  • “Jewish Burial Equals Green Burial” at the Jewish Community Center;
  • The Guild Cinema double feature of classic films about life and death, Harold and Maude and The Seventh Seal;
  • “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: A Celebration of Cremation and Art” with local artists selling their works in ceramics, paper and other media;
  • The Albucreepy Ghost Tour of downtown Albuquerque landmark buildings;
  • A tour of the Fathers Building Futures casket building workshop;
  • “Mindfulness, Mortality and Self-Care,” a meditation session with world-renowned teacher Ralph Steele.

The Before I Die ABQ Festival is made possible by these sponsors: