Panelists for Is there Life After Death

Is There Life After Death? panelists: (L to R) Bethany Paix, Judith Fein, Annie Mattingley, Andrea Campbell

Is there life after death? Good question! In this panel discussion, you’ll hear some interesting answers. The panelists are:

Here are some of the questions discussed:

  • How do you know when you are communicating with someone who has “crossed over”?
  • With whom do you communicate?
  • When did you first discover you had this gift for communicating with the dead?
  • Who in your family encouraged or discouraged you?
  • What were your family’s myths around death and the after-life?
  • Is there a consistent message that you get from “the other side” or from people that you have communicated with?
  • Do you believe in heaven or hell?
  • Is it mandatory to live a good life?
  • Does childhood trauma open the door to sensitivity to “the other world”?
  • And many more questions!

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Held as part of the Before I Die New Mexico Festival, this panel discussion took place in Santa Fe on November 6, 2019, at Berardinelli McGee Life Event Center.

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