Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns at “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: A Celebration of Cremation and Art”

“Earth, Air, Fire & Water: A Celebration of Cremation and Art” brought together the work of New Mexico artists in wood, ceramics and other materials. The show, a part of the inaugural Before I Die ABQ Festival, focused on functional art that can celebrate the lives of those who choose cremation.

The local cremation rate ranges between 68% in Albuquerque to 75% in Rio Rancho. One in five families keep a loved one’s cremated remains at home. Why not make their urn a unique lasting tribute that’s a work of art? Honor the life and times of a beloved person or pet by keeping their remains in a special container made by New Mexico artists.

If you missed attending this event, check out the following photos of the participating artists and their work. The art show was held at the studio of Mary Sharp-Davis in Albuquerque’s South Valley. These artists participated in “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: A Celebration of Cremation and Art”:

Luisa Baldinger, one-of-a-kind ceramic vessels, Santa Fe, www.WillettBaldinger.com

Mike Gutierrez, wooden cremation urns, Albuquerque, visit his Facebook Page

Sandra Harrington, functional pottery and ceramics, Taos, www.ArtQuesta.com

Linda Hayden, soda, raku and pit-fired ceramics, Santa Fe, www.LindaHaydenClay.com

Judy Nelson-Moore, ceramic and mixed media sculptures, Santa Fe, www.JudyNelsonMoore.com

Mary Sharp-Davis, porcelain and stoneware funerary sculpture, Albuquerque, www.MarySharpDavis.com

Lynn Ann Vukonich, The Old Pine Box caskets and urns, Edgewood, www.TheOldPineBox.com

The Old Pine Box provided one of their unique “coff-urns” for the festival drawing for a free cremation provided by The Neptune Society of Albuquerque. Congratulations to Lynda Paladin for winning the coff-urn!

Mary Sharp-Davis studio

Mary Sharp-Davis welcomes you to her studio

Mike Gutierrez Urns

Mike Gutierrez and his urns

Festival Sponsors

A big thank you to the participating artists and these local and national sponsors who made the Before I Die ABQ Festival possible:

A Good Goodbye, funeral planning for those who don’t plan to die;

French Funerals & Cremations, Albuquerque’s largest and oldest family-owned funeral service company;

The Neptune Society, America’s most trusted cremation service;

Lasting Legacy, Inc., providing estate and trust services to New Mexico families;

Express Legal Solutions, LLC, offering “documents you need at a price you can afford;”

Retirement Extender®, a team of specialists making the most of your finances;

Morris Hall, PLLC, a premier estate planning law firm;

LifeIZShort.com, practical guides for dealing with the inevitable by Peter Callan;

The Old Pine Box, specializing in pine and cedar coffins and caskets, and specialty urns;

My Final Checklist, a master file for personal information;

Zia Trust, Inc., serving clients in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and 38 other states;

1-800-AUTOPSY.COM, a thanatology specialty service company.